Oh Wonder

Last year, I came across a group named Oh Wonder. And then I realized I have a serious obsession for British musicians and electro-pop somber music. Obsessions aside, this band is perfection. In the first track, “Livewire,”you instantly get a taste of how well their voices blend together. The songs have a rare, magical quality … More Oh Wonder


I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I know everything about music. Like I’m some expert who can critique their song writing or their musical abilities or whether or not the newest album is some masterpiece. But what I CAN tell you is that I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THIS DAMN ALBUM. If … More Humanz


She done did it again. She has proven again just how much of a true artist she is. She’s gone from pop to jazz to country and made a few other stops along the way. This album is completely different from anything else she has released. The country rock vibes ooze out of every song … More Joanne

The Swell Kids

Everyone has to start somewhere. I love watching El Pasoans start from nothing and make something of themselves. I’ve been watching my friends advance in their adulthoods. I’ve watched artists evolve their style. I’ve watched regular peoples business’s boom. I’ve watched photographers perfect their craft. I have so much pride for the great things El Pasoans … More The Swell Kids

Mother Falcon

Under the millions and millions of shining lights of the Milky Way, deep in the heart of West Texas, I sat on the grass of Marfa’s El Cosmico and was blown away. Mother Falcon is a symphonic rock group from Austin of about 20 or so musicians. I couldn’t even begin to tell you all the … More Mother Falcon

Alabama Shakin’

In honor of my upcoming trip, they’ve been on repeat. I can’t wait to see that woman on stage singing her lungs out to these soulful and groovin’ beats. Taos, NM, I hope you’re ready for us.   Check out their latest album. It’s got some great slow, booty shakin’ blues tunes to get you … More Alabama Shakin’

Chet Faker

I’m obsessed. I can’t stop listening to this album. His vocals are beyond soothing. The beats are groovin. The instrumentation is impecable. I wish more artists would do what he’s done. Too often, they’re concerned with individual songs, mashed together on an album for the masses. But every once in a while, an album comes … More Chet Faker


I’ve had time. Time to reflect. Time to really stop and soak everything in. Time to discover all the hidden secrets. I’ve had time to HAVE MY MIND BLOWN. Flume, the Australian DJ that came out of nowhere and changed my life when I saw him at Neon Desert 2015 just released his newest album, … More Skin