Cool clothes doesn’t have to come from a designer brand. Or from the mall. Or even from Target. Cool pieces can be found in the most unexpected places — like a Billy the Kid souvenir shop in a small town in New Mexico. So go out and explore. Don’t be afraid of that shirt on … More WANTED

Neon Sunset

With freshly cried out eyes after watching Call Me By Your Name, I finally met a photographer I had admired for so long. We climbed the stairs to the roof of his apartment building, a newly renovated building in Downtown El Paso, and I tried to hide my shivers from the camera he aimed at … More Neon Sunset

Choking Stripes

I’ve always been a believer in dressing for the job you want, not the job you have. But how, in the casual office-attire world of advertising, do you do that. How do you dress for the job you want when the person in the job you want is wearing jeans and a t-shirt? Well, in … More Choking Stripes

Vice City

Worst thing about moving? Moving. Best thing about moving? Finding old clothes and bringing them back to life. Deep in the black hole that is my dresser drawers, clothes is hiding. T-shirts and shorts and tanks and graphic tees that at one point, I had no idea what to do with. Or what possessed me to … More Vice City

Call Me Storm

I walked into the salon with all 1,138 pages of Stephen King’s It in my hand. It was a slow Friday morning as my hairstylist and old friend mixed the concoction that would soon transform my hair. Women all around me are getting hair sliced off with sharp pieces of metal. Small tunnels of air blowing … More Call Me Storm

In the Spirit

You know you’ve got yourself a hawt ass outfit when random cholos are complimenting you on the street. I call this my Christmas shirt. The colors just speak Christmas to me. Maybe that’s because I wore it this past Christmas. But regardless of that, I find every chance I can to wear it. Even though … More In the Spirit


There’s a certain kind of pressure you feel when you go on a day date with a fabulous girl. You’re not competing with her. She won’t steal any guy from you, if any would actually try. But you have to step it up. You can’t sit across from her and look frumpy. She’s already going … More Hopin’

Fancy Livin’

Some days you wake up and want to be bougie. To forget about how low your bank account balance already is and go to the new hotel bar on a particularly  warm day. To sit near the pool with a cocktail named after an imaginary place. To chat about life and gossip about the people … More Fancy Livin’

In the Clouds

High up the mountains of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, four brave souls trekked the trails down the mountain to a picturesque spot that was ideal for my younger sisters graduation photos. But we’re not here about her. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever looked better while hiking. Am I doing the outdoors right?   | … More In the Clouds


Fact: I have way too much fun with kids’ toys. Proof: the following photo… One day, I found myself with a small mountain of buttons. Buttons I have collected from art shows and movie showings and craft fairs. Buttons that mean nothing and buttons that mean everything. I’m unapologetic for the amount of buttons or … More Buttons