New Orleans, LA

We arrived at The Dauphine House Bed and Breakfast smelling like airport and slightly hungover to a note on the front door from Karen, the caretaker. And so began the trip where Sarah and I became The Mansfields. During the week of Halloween, The Mansfields combed through the streets of the French Quarter — soaking in the … More New Orleans, LA

Maisie Goes West

Scene It’s New Years Eve weekend. 2017. A 16-foot Budget truck is chugging its way up Interstate-10 West. Sitting next to me on the floor is Maisie, an adorably hideous dog and fellow road trip companion. Next to her is her owner, Monica, the friend that abandoned me for the cool city job in San … More Maisie Goes West

Marfa, Texas

The six of us coworkers — some the best of friends and some that have known each other so long they can’t stand each other — headed East on Interstate-10 toward Marfa, TX. I’ve been here before. Many times. I take any opportunity I can to come, even just for a night. There’s something magical … More Marfa, Texas

Sitting Butt Falls

Sunday. 7:43 a.m. My eyes shoot open and I quickly fall into a panic. Four updates from CNN and The New York Times. They’re all about Trump. One reply from Snapchat. Four messages from Instagram. Three unread text messages. I was supposed to meet the girls at 7 a.m. Message one. Jackie: “So we’re going … More Sitting Butt Falls


If you think Walt Disney World is magical, think again. There’s something in the air in Mexico City. There’s electricity in it. Pride that swirls around each and every person. Everyone is on a mission. Doing their thing and giving it 112%. I had no idea what I was walking into. Usually I’ll do at … More CDMX

Los Santuarios

If you know me well, you know how much I love architecture. But this. This was on an entirely different level. While venturing outside the city, each tour involved a visit to a nearby church.  Now, I’m not a religious guy, but they were truly breathtaking. Awe-inspiring. And heartbreaking, especially when the guide tells you … More Los Santuarios

Outside The City

While in Mexico City, we were hardly in Mexico City. Most days were spent on tour buses, traveling to the nearby lands of the places you’ll see below. Places where fairytales are born. Small, quaint Mexican towns teeming with stories and legends of happiness and dread. It felt surreal. Like being on a movie set. … More Outside The City