The Cunanan

After Adrian, my hair stylist, securely tightened the apron around my neck a little too tight, I answered his question. “Give me the Cunanan.” Let me explain. This year, I decided to push myself to get out of my comfort zone. Put myself in unknown situations. Join groups. Agree to last minute plans. Do things … More The Cunanan

That Night

Recently, someone asked me what the worst night of my life was. I told them it was the night I got arrested. That’s a lie. The worst night of my life, the night that still makes my stomach turn and gives me chills, was the first time my then-boyfriend hit me. And it’s making my … More That Night

2017: The Recap

I write this from the passenger seat of a 16-foot Budget truck, 43 miles from Indio, California, with a small dog permanently sitting on and crushing my balls. It’s hour 11 of about 14, pending traffic and how often we need to walk the dog, as we head to L.A. before our final destination: San … More 2017: The Recap

Sitting Butt Falls

Sunday. 7:43 a.m. My eyes shoot open and I quickly fall into a panic. Four updates from CNN and The New York Times. They’re all about Trump. One reply from Snapchat. Four messages from Instagram. Three unread text messages. I was supposed to meet the girls at 7 a.m. Message one. Jackie: “So we’re going … More Sitting Butt Falls

End of an Era

As I stand here amongst the boxes of hand-me-down kitchen appliances and too many books I’ll never get around to reading and knick knacks that date back to the 90’s and cords to electronics that don’t exist anymore that populated this apartment for the 23 months I called it home, I can’t help but feel a … More End of an Era


I don’t remember signing up for this, but it’s happening and I’m attempting to navigate it one day at a time. According to Merriam–Webster: To adult is to behave like an adult, to do the things that adults regularly have to do. This includes things like having a job and living independently, sure, but also such … More Adulting


Memory is a funny thing. Photo by: Lucas Simōes There are ones we can’t bring ourselves to forget. No matter how hard we try. Whether we want to or not. Whether they make us feel like we just took a shot of whiskey. Whether they turn our stomach into washing machines. Whether they put a … More Unlatched


I love seeing people from El Paso succeed. Achieve their dreams. Create something beautiful. When they do something amazing. When people from our growing city change lives. But nothing makes me happier than when they’re friends. Ones I grew up with. Ones that changed my life. One of my best friends from High School, Adrian … More Legacies

Empty Bar Stool

It makes me chuckle slightly when people ask: “Did you get anyone’s number?” “Did anyone hit on you?” “Did you go home with anyone?” No. No, I didn’t. No, it’s never happened. No, never.* And the more that people ask me, the more I start to wonder: “Well, what’s wrong with me?” It’s not that … More Empty Bar Stool