Yeah, I’m that guy

You may or may not have seen me around.

Maybe you saw me walking down the street or standing awkwardly at a bar. Maybe you thought nothing about me. That I was just another guy. Maybe you thought that I must have some glamorous, exciting life. That I was some fabulous homo. Who knows. But you’re both right about both things.

My life is a mixture of both nothing and everything. And that’s mostly what you’ll find here. A whole bunch of everything and nothing. I love to wear fabulous clothes and write about my life and listen to the cool jams and read beautiful poetry and photograph beautiful things.

I’m Steven and I live with the love of my life: Madame Vice President, my cat. We live in El Paso, Texas and while she’s at home, living the good life, I work as a copywriter for an advertising agency in town. I’m just a normal guy, trying to survive this thing we call adulthood. I don’t know when I signed up for it, or why, but it’s happening.

So sit back, relax and make yourself at home. Mi casa es su casa.


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