Oh Wonder

Last year, I came across a group named Oh Wonder. And then I realized I have a serious obsession for British musicians and electro-pop somber music.

Obsessions aside, this band is perfection.

In the first track, “Livewire,”you instantly get a taste of how well their voices blend together. The songs have a rare, magical quality to them. I swear, it’s like they’re mermaids or something — is that even a thing?


What I love about this album is the minimal instrumentation the tracks have. You can really appreciate their unique tone in songs like “Heart Hope” and “All We Do”, where they only use some piano chords and light percussion throughout the song.

While the majority of their self titled album has a somber quality to it, you get a taste of their electro-pop ballads which are a nice break from the mellow vibes the rest of  the album features.

“Landslide” is one of the tracks that has a more electro-pop feel to it and one of the few songs that really showcases their voices and their obsession with singing in octaves like it’s the worlds easiest thing to master.

All in all, every track on this record reinforces the uniqueness that Oh Wonder shows its fans. The songs are all hauntingly beautiful, and the musical chemistry between them is undeniable. With clean and downtempo ballads, this is an album worth listening to.

“Lifetimes”, from their upcoming album, is already my favorite and I can’t stop listening to it.

Until next time,
That Guy


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