I love seeing people from El Paso succeed. Achieve their dreams. Create something beautiful. When they do something amazing. When people from our growing city change lives. But nothing makes me happier than when they’re friends. Ones I grew up with. Ones that changed my life.

One of my best friends from High School, Adrian “Buddy” Escajeda, is one of those people. After graduating, he moved to follow his dream of working behind the camera. To capture life on screen. To create something that will live forever. I’ve always admired him because, unlike me, he went for it. Dropped everything he was doing. Everything he had. His life in El Paso to make his dream a reality. He went from a news cameraman to working on films and documentaries to starting his own production company and now he’s creating a reality TV show for BRAVO.


He’s already filmed the pilot episode: a small town dance group from Texas that became the best in the world. And now, they’re dancing their way to defend their title. The show follows them as they compete in Florida for Nationals and ultimately Hawaii for the world competition. But, most importantly, the show follows them as they work to achieve their own dreams.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, both with the dance group and the production. But, best of all, there are ways you can help! Find out how below.

Donate to GOFUNDME here! They’re trying to reach their goal by the end of May, so hurry!
Plus, keep an eye out for a link from BRAVO. He’s competing against other pilots to get it picked up for a full season. June 15. Don’t miss it.

You can follow their journey on Instagram and Facebook!

Many thanks from me, Adrian and the girls of the Goal Diggaz.


Until next time,
That Guy


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