That View, Though

And I’m not just talking about the view in front of the window because, I mean,
hot damn!


But seriously though, the view from the ninth floor, out of any window, just has this certain glow. It radiates from the sidewalk and floats up to the windows, ready for any and all of us at work to look out and feel it. See it. Taste it. Hear it. Touch it. If you’re lucky, you catch a sunset. Or see the rays through the blinds in the kitchen. It’s almost enough to make flowers grow on your shirt. Or just enough to keep my succulent alive.

I love this shirt. The pattern is simple, subtle, but just enough to make your outfit pop. Dressed it up with this thrifted Zara blazer I found, and these fabulous shoes with so many different textures, it’s hard to keep up.


Details gentlemen. Details.

| Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Coat: Zara | Watch: Diesel |
| Pants: PacSun | Shoes: Call It Spring |

Photo credit: The wonderful Yasmin Marquez Campos

Until next time,
That Guy


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