Easily the most challenging and frustrating year to date.


It seemed like nothing went as planned. Nothing worked out. There was more bad news than good. More bad stories. Bad situations. Bad memories. Dating gone bad. Friendship gone bad. And on top of that massive, steaming pile of bad, I’ve been trying my hardest to navigate through the emotions of a failed love. One that I desperately didn’t want to end, but one that I desperately needed to end.

But…at the expense of sounding cliche, I learned and grew more than I ever have in past years. I learned that I am more than capable of supporting myself, by myself. I learned how to be independent. How to go grocery shopping alone. How to sit contently at home and not need company. How to not need to be texting some boy. How to be the only person on the chores list. How to deal with terrifying decisions you have no control over and the terrifying future that lays ahead. How to deal with the many, many downhill spirals that come at you like a baseball you weren’t ready to receive on your face.

So cheers to it finally being over. To have new hope. It seems that everyone has had a pretty shitty year. That everyone can use a bit of hope. As a dear friend told me recently: “Things won’t get better until you make them better.”

Here’s to making things better.

Happy New Year,
That Guy


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