Outside The City

While in Mexico City, we were hardly in Mexico City.

Most days were spent on tour buses, traveling to the nearby lands of the places you’ll see below. Places where fairytales are born. Small, quaint Mexican towns teeming with stories and legends of happiness and dread. It felt surreal. Like being on a movie set. It was almost too perfect. Too beautiful. Too breathtaking. If you ever travel to Mexico City, I seriously recommend exploring outside the city.

On the better days, we were guided by a man who swept me off my feet. But that’s a story for another time.

I’ll come back for you, Kevin! 

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Taxco, Mexico


Middle of Nowhere, Mexico
This is what happens when your tour bus breaks down. FOOD.


Cholula, Mexico
Home to the world’s largest pyramid.



Puebla, Mexico


Until next time,
That Guy




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