More Ancient Than Ancient

Standing at the base of the behemoth towering in front of you, you can’t help but feel insignificant.


A few hours outside of Mexico city stands the ancient, ancient ruins of Teotihuacan. Built by a civilization we know nothing about, the Aztecs stumbled upon the sprawling ruins and marveled at the culture they, too, knew nothing about. It was already deserted. It was already in ruins. But they adopted what they could and blended it with their culture. Pieces of the Teotihuacan culture can be found in the countless other ancient cultures that spread across Mexico.


Teotihuacan has been loosely translated to mean “Birthplace of the Gods” or the “Place of Those Who Have the Road of the Gods” because the Aztecs believed the gods created the universe there.

Pyramid of the Sun
Pyramid of the Moon


Pyramid of the Moon
Avenue of the Dead
Pyramid of the Sun


Top of the Pyramid of the Sun

The people of Teotihuacan were known throughout the ancient world for their fine obsidian tools, which you can still see and purchase in the area, among other hand made beauties. I, of course, got myself a small obsidian cat statue.

Back in Mexico City, we went to the National Museum of Anthropology. I’m not going to lie, many of the things you are about to see may or may not have come from Teotihuacan (because all the signs were in Spanish and That Guy is not well versed in the language) but they may have and even if they didn’t, it’s still incredible to see these artifacts that have survived hundreds of thousands of years.

Until next time,
That guy


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