Casually Fabulous

When one is adulting, sometimes one must go from casual to fabulous instantly, or vice versa.

I usually try to anticipate the whole day and dress accordingly. My time in the shower is not usually spent contemplating life but rather running through my day. Do I have any meetings? Do I have plans after work? What’s the weather like? Can I wear that red shirt today? Is it cute enough? The list goes on…

And sometimes, as is life, the unexpected happens. Turns out I DID have a meeting. Or it IS going to be a thousand degrees outside. Or no, that shirt is NOT cute enough. So, you’ve gotta be prepared.

When shopping, try to buy clothes that’s versatile with any color. Think of what is in your closet now. Can you picture some jeans that’ll look good with that shirt? What about shoes? If you can think of only one, maybe you should put it back on the rack. Just in case someone steals those jeans and sets them on fire.

Here’s an example of how one can go from “I just want to look cute while spending way too much money at Target” to “Holy shit, what do you mean I have to be at a fancy ass dinner in one hour” easily.


| Shirt: H&M | Watch: Casio |
| Jeans: Levi’s | Shoes: Vans |

An easy way to class up any outfit:

  • Tie a tie — solid, striped, patterned, funny, it doesn’t matter. Wrap one around your neck and boom!
  •  Grab a coat — if you don’t happen to be wearing a button up, grab a jacket anyway. A blazer or a slick, light jacket over a tshirt or polo will definitely turn heads.
  • Swap the watch —  grow up and wrap a leather or metal ticking band around your wrist instead of a child’s Casio.
  • Lace up — most sneakers can pass, depending on the occasion. If it’s a fancy shindig, dust off those leather oxfords and strut yo stuff!



| Shirt: H&M | Watch: Fossil | Blazer: H&M | Tie: Target |
| Jeans: Levi’s | Shoes: Aldo |

Until next time,
That Guy


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