Poetry Tuesday — Endowing Vegetables with Too Much Meaning

One of the pleasures of being in a relationship is being in love with your best friend. Talking day in and day out about absolute nonsense. Inside jokes. Sending each other hilarious, but mostly inappropriate, pictures. This poem reminds me of that. Reminds me of the joys of being in love with someone where all you do is make funny noises to each other over the phone.

Endowing Vegetables With Too Much Meaning
— Kevin Kantor
I don’t want to wreck this
But I’m ready to get reckless
If you’re willing to take that task on together
Let’s rename constellations after our friends
And endow vegetables with too much meaning
Like how somehow I sleep better knowing
We both dream under Bianca’s Wristwatch instead of Orion’s Belt
Like how something about zucchini makes me miss you
Until next time,
That Guy

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