Better Late Than Never

Just because you’re not wearing a cape, doesn’t mean you aren’t a hero.


Randy Pausch
October 23, 1960 — July 25, 2008

All too often, we associate heroes with having some crazy power. Some ray that shoots out of their eyes or some utility belt or some invisible lasso. But heroes can take all shapes and sizes and are much more rooted in reality than we are willing to accept. When someone asks me who my hero is, my mind immediately goes to the man who changed the way I look at and act in this world. It all happened at a fairly young age while sitting at the kitchen counter and watching Oprah after school while my mom cooked.

There’s no better way to remind yourself that we are only on this earth for a short while. Life may seem long but in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t. Anything can happen. You can get hit by a car or a piano can fall on your head or you can be diagnosed with a cancer that almost always leads to death. So while you’re on this earth, remind yourself to have fun and treat those around you right because one day, it could come to a screeching halt.

May you rest in peace Randy.
Eight years later, your words of advice still lead my life to this day.

This is a very condensed version of his lecture. For the full lecture, CLICK HERE.


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