Chet Faker

I’m obsessed. I can’t stop listening to this album.

His vocals are beyond soothing. The beats are groovin. The instrumentation is impecable.


I wish more artists would do what he’s done. Too often, they’re concerned with individual songs, mashed together on an album for the masses. But every once in a while, an album comes along where each song just melts into the other. One glides you through different sounds and instruments, different beats and drops, mixed together with vocals that are sure to make anyone’s underwear wet. This is one of those albums. And if it doesn’t get you off your seat and dancing, there’s something wrong with you.

I might be wrong. I probably am. I usually am. But one thing I know for sure: this album is amaze-BALLS. Take some time to listen to the whole album. The YouTube video should play the whole album. It’s perfect for long car rides, being stuck at your desk all day, or just hanging out at home.

As they say in one of the songs:
“Now relax still more and drift a little deeper as you listen”. 

Until next time,
That Guy



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