Makin’ My Way Downtown

This heat. Usually it’s hot. Like, the devil taking a bubble bath hot. But this year? I literally can’t.

In an attempt to beat the summer heat while strolling all over Downtown, I grabbed this…interestingly patterned button up, black shorts, and lightened the whole thing up with white Vans. Add the necessary details with the necklace and watch, and I was out the door!


I always struggle with my look in the summer. I’ve never felt like a shirt and shorts was a stylish look for me. I could never find the right shorts. The shirts never seemed right. But this year, I think I’ve figured it out.


Find yourself that shirt with a line around the sleeves. Or the one with a simple design. Or that fabulous floral pattern. Find a versatile one, because matching isn’t easy. Not all shorts are created equal. I know it’s hard. I still struggle. I wear 4 of the 11 T shirts hanging in my closet, and I’m still looking for more staple polos and short sleeved button ups. Don’t even get me started on shorts.

Yes, I’m covered in naked men eating pizza, palm trees, record players, boom boxes, ‘1994’, and a whole bunch more!


Guys, please, do us all a favor and just show us your knees. It’s ok to show some leg. I’m tired of these baggy, sloppy, “I need as much room for air as I can get” shorts. It doesn’t look cute. Find the ones that hug your thighs just right. It takes some looking, but they’re out there.


| Shirt: H&M | Watch: Fossil | Necklace: Earthbound |
| Shorts: H&M | Shoes: Vans |

Huge thank you goes out to my friend and up and coming photographer Art for the great photos and fun times roaming Downtown and giving bitch face to random passerbys.
Check out his other photography here!

Until next time,
That guy



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