To the Left, To the Left

Us bloggers gotta stick together!

So I’ve got this friend, right? Totally fabulous. Obvs. Like, she probs got it all from me. And one day she calls me, or I called her, or something like that I forget, and we decide to go on a day date together, lookin’ good and feeling fine, so we can take photos of us being fabulous together for our blogs. We’re geniuses, I know.


Check out her blog here!

So because of the hot ass day and our brilliant idea to go to the outdoor mall and grab lunch and walk around. So I grabbed a thin, loose, cotton button-up, one of my fave pairs of jeans (because no, I did not have quality shorts at the time thank you very much), and a pair of beautiful canvas shoes that are a half size too small from the women’s section at Target.


Beauty is pain, y’all. Pretty really does hurt. But boys, you gotta suck it up if you want to look good. Those slim jeans you don’t want to try on? Shut your mouth and suck it up. They don’t have those cute ass shoes in your size? Shut your mouth and suck it up. People notice, even if they don’t say anything.


I guess I love looking to my left…


To the left, to the left.


| Shirt: H&M | Jeans: Levi’s 511 | Shoes: Target |

Photo credit: Dipped in Decades

Until next time,


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