I Don’t Get It

Someone explain it to me. Anyone. Really. What is going on? It’s like no one can wake up and not immediately read or hear that some tragedy has happened. That someone else has been shot. That another public place has been massacred. More riots. More shootings. More death.


2016 has not been kind to us. Not at all. This election is a joke and let’s all hope we never have to utter the words “President Trump.” More and more headlines are about the massacres of gays. And the senseless murders of blacks. Europe is a mess. Everyone is worried about the economy again. Racism is the topic of the year, and I think we can all agree a civil rights movement is coming when we shouldn’t even need one in the first place. Even in my personal life, 2016 has been a bitch.


More and more people are becoming tired. Angry. Disappointed. Scared. Myself included. I’m scared. I’ll admit it. The future looks grim for us all, and I just happen to fall into a category that is and has always been chased after with torch and pitchforks. I’m afraid to be in a school. I’m afraid to get comfortable in a movie theatre. I’m afraid to be in a crowded bar. I’m afraid to get pulled over. I’m afraid to rally with protesters. I’m afraid to be surrounded by people who love whoever they want, because that’s a lot of targets.


These attacks are attacks on us all. Gays. Blacks. Cops. Humans. That’s what it comes down to. We’re all human. We may not all agree, but we must learn to accept otherwise we won’t make it. Until then, we push on. We get educated and see our favorite movies in 3D and grab drinks with friends and peacefully demand our rights. We try not to let it scare us, and let it inspire a fire inside to do what is right.


El Paso is a bubble, and we can’t forget to take a step back and see what is happening in the world. See what is happening just a nine hour drive away. See what is happening in countries we don’t like, because there are very, very tragic things happening there. We can’t deny what is happening out there. My heart aches for the families and friends of everyone that has died because of some racist. Some homophobe. Some loser who gets recruited on Twitter.


I’m guilty of being pretty uninformed on current events. I don’t always know all the facts. But I try to not ignore what is happening. I stay naive, and sometimes on purpose. The world is scary as it is. Sometimes we don’t need another reason to be scared. But we can’t keep ignoring it. Open your eyes.

The world keeps going on while you’re hiding behind reality tv. Go change it.

Until next time,
That guy


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