For the Love of Nipples

BREAKING NEWS: Sheerstomping too hot for Instagram


I don’t get it. What’s the whole obsession with nipples? I mean, aren’t guys always trying to see girls’ nipples? Isn’t there some weird obsession with them? They even say it in Mean Girls: “It only counts if you saw a nipple.”

But then a nipple is seen and people freak. Like it’s some abomination on this earth. Yet guys can walk around shirtless and it’s like, meh? Maybe it’s because the nipple is attached to some protruding limb that’s offensive? Maybe it’s the fact that you’re seeing them and can’t touch them? Maybe it’s because they’re being used for what they’re meant for?

Can we all just get over the puritanical view of the human body already? Let girls walk around topless. Let them feed their child comfortably and conveniently, for fucks sake. Who cares? Just let them do whatever the they want to do already. Y’all already know they run the world, anyway. And besides, don’t we all have nipples?

Maybe it’s because I’m gay and I don’t mind seeing any kind of nipple. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen my girl friends’ nipples. So seeing the above photo, and knowing that it got tagged as inappropriate and ultimately deleted from Instagram, is a surprise. Maybe because I’ve known this girl, and fellow blogger, too long and too well.

So I post this here, because she looks flawless and gorgeous and because her nipple, as little of it as you can see, is not inappropriate. And because she’s fabulous. And because I love her.

Bring on the nipples, girls. And boys.
Mostly the boys.

Photo credit: bkwolf
Model: Sheerstomping

Until next time,


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