Rocky Point

It’s been a few weeks and I’m still in beach mode. It’s been hard to shake, and to be honest, do I really want it to go away? Yes, moving at a glacial pace seems exciting and all but here I am, blogging about the trip weeks later. But it was seriously the most relaxing trip I’ve ever been on. Usually my dad, who plans the entire trip, has us up from dawn till dusk. Anytime we go anywhere. Anywhere. And I love it! The more time we get to explore the city and roam a museum and stuff our faces the better! Seriously. But this was just what I needed.

Picture this: waking up at your leisure (which for me is like 7 a.m.), grabbing a cup of fresh coffee, walking out onto the patio and greeting the morning breeze, sandy beach and rolling blue waves right on the other side of the patio. Yeah, and then sun bathing on the beach, maybe exploring the mercado or a sketchy looking taco place on the pier, fresh fish and oysters for dinner, and beers around the bonfire under the moon.

Yeah, I know.

If you’re looking for a nice beach in Mexico that’s close to the Arizona border, Puerto Peñasco is your beach.


Some of the people that went on the trip will fight me because they felt that we didn’t do enough. That we should have done more. But I won’t fight back. I was fine doing all the nothing I was doing. Because the trip wasn’t for us.

It was really for them.


Photo credit: All me, baby!

Until next time,


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